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Can not use our racing mufflers
on public roads in Japan
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(Note: You must be a WORKS customer or an Authorized Yamaha Dealership and logged in to view WORKS costing online. Call if you have any questions)


If you are not a WORKS customer or Yamaha Dealership and participate in sanctioned racing please sign up for our website here. You will also need to email copies of your racing credentials to to be considered for the program.


WORKS YEC Interchanging Parts Information (see if past and new parts are interchangeable from these guides).

2013 YEC General Information Document

2013 YEC Parts Explanation Document


YEC Spec Document Manuals and Information

R6 YEC Tech Info (17mb)

YEC Fuel Injection Manual (17mb)

YEC Basic Suspension Guidebook (3.6mb)

YEC Tools Manual (8.6mb)

Crankcase and Cylinder Head assembly (2.6mb)

YMS Yamaha Matching System (0.6mb)

R6 Wire Harness Manual (1.9 mb)

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