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MotoAmerica Round 5 - Laguna Seca

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Misc Press from Round 5 Laguna Seca 2018


Double Superbike Victories for Beaubier at Laguna SecaBeach Claims Win in Sunday’s Supersport Action at MotoAmerica Round 5

Monterey, Calif. June 25, 2018With a 1-1 MotoAmerica Superbike sweep for the weekend, Cameron Beaubier and the Monster Energy/Yamalube/Yamaha Factory Racing Team extended their winning streak to four-in-a-row after an impeccable Round 5 of the MotoAmerica AMA/FIM North American Road Racing Championship in Monterey, California.

In Supersport action, JD Beach and the Monster Energy/Yamaha Extended Service/Graves/Yamaha Team won a close race to clinch their fifth victory of the season. Along with a MotoAmerica Junior Cup race and FIM World Superbike Race 2, Yamaha bLU cRU riders provided lots of action for attending fans at the historic 11-turn, 2.238-mile WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca.

Monster Energy/Yamalube/Yamaha Factory Racing Superbike Team

As a native of Roseville, California, Cameron Beaubier lined up for MotoAmerica Race 2 with plenty of support from his attending family, friends and fans. When the green flag waved, he launched into second place behind fellow Yamaha bLU cRU rider Josh Herrin. After a few attempts at the lead, Beaubier kept the pressure on Herrin while making smart moves to keep the race tight. With eight laps to go, Herrin fought a wild slide in Turn 2 and opened the door for two-time MotoAmerica Superbike Champion Beaubier to take the lead. Beaubier kept the pace in the final laps, opening a solid gap between himself and the rest of the field when Herrin’s race ended with an unfortunate crash at the bottom of the famous “Corkscrew,” turn 8A. Beaubier crossed the finish line to solidify his second victory of the weekend, extending his lead in the Superbike Championship to 29 points.

Meanwhile, Garrett Gerloff got off to a great start in Race 2 as he used the power of his R1 to take over third place in turn 6 on the opening lap. Gerloff continued to move towards the front of the pack, pressuring his teammate, Cameron Beaubier, for second place early in the race. After settling in to keep a solid pace with Beaubier and race-leader Josh Herrin, Gerloff was joined by the hard-charging trio of Roger Hayden, Matthew Scholtz and Toni Elias by lap 15, who challenged him for the final podium position. Gerloff kept his head down, though, finishing the 23-lap race with a fifth-place finish while gaining more valuable experience during his first Superbike season.

Cameron Beaubier - #6 YZF-R1

“I’m so happy to get out of here with a double [victory]. We went into this round with a two-point lead and we came away with a 29-point lead, so that’s kind of another big swing in the points like it was at Road America. We led every practice except for Superpole and Warmup, and I just had a good feeling with the bike ever since the first practice on Friday. Every step we’ve made with the team, I feel like we went in the right direction. [Josh] Herrin was riding really good there at the beginning and I was struggling to go with him at first but I closed the gap and we were going back-and-forth. I was trying to pass him here and there but I felt like I was slowing us down, so I ended up slotting in and letting him do his thing. All-in-all, I’m happy to get out of here with max points and a good feeling going into the other two west coast races. It feels really good to be halfway into the season and crawl out of the hole we were in since we started the season off a little slower.”

Garrett Gerloff - #31 YZF-R1

“At the start, everything was great. I got off the line really well and went from fifth to third and was right there and feeling good. I kind of tried to make a pass on Cameron but couldn’t get it done, and that kind of set me back with a little bit of a gap between the leaders and me in third. I felt good, though. I felt like I was hitting my marks and getting good lap times and was consistent. I had a group of guys chasing me and they were using each other to charge, and I slowly was backing off the front guys. I’m frustrated because I started making mistakes, and that never helps. Today wasn’t the day but at least the first half of the race was good and something to go off of at the next round.”

Tom Halverson - Team Manager

“Four straight wins and two doubles - it’s a pretty fantastic result! Cameron is on a great roll and he rode really smart here, which is right at home for us. We came up with a pretty good championship lead – we’re only halfway through – but still, we’re in a really good place at this point in the season. Garrett did a great job today, and he definitely stepped up his game. He was running really competitive lap times and he ran inside the top three for a long time, so congrats to Garrett. It’s too bad he didn’t get that podium but he was a little under the weather this week, so we’ll get them at Miller.”

2018 MotoAmerica Superbike Standings – 10 of 20 Series Races Completed

Pos. Rider Points1 Cameron Beaubier – Yamaha 2032Toni Elias – Suzuki 174
3 Josh Herrin – Yamaha 135
4 Mathew Scholtz – Yamaha 129
Garrett Gerloff – Yamaha 98
7 Kyle Wyman – Yamaha 82

Monster Energy/Yamaha Extended Service/Graves/Yamaha Supersport Team

On Sunday afternoon, JD Beach and the Monster Energy/Yamaha Extended Service/Graves/Yamaha Team lined up for their first and only Supersport race of the weekend. Beach got off to a great start aboard his R6, and provided the crowd at Laguna Seca with plenty of excitement after swapping the lead with Valentin Debise early in the race. Beach held strong despite the pressure coming from second-place Debise throughout the race as he clinched victory at the checkered flags and extended his lead in the Supersport Championship by 52 points.

JD Beach - #95 YZF-R6

“Man, what an awesome race! Coming to Laguna is always special with all the history the track holds. It’s amazing to get another win here on my Monster Energy/Yamaha Extended Service/Graves/Yamaha R6. I can’t thank my whole team enough for all the hard work and can’t wait for Utah!”

Chuck Graves – Team Owner

“It was an eventful race. Valentin put the pressure on JD, and JD just led him around the whole way. They passed back-and-forth a few times and JD textbook-showed him who the master was again, so we’re really happy and it’s a good win for the R6.”

2018 MotoAmerica Supersport Standings – 7 of 18 Series Races Completed

Pos. Rider Points
1 JD Beach – Yamaha 165
2 Hayden Gillim – Yamaha 113
3 Cory West – Yamaha 79

Additional Yamaha bLU cRU Rider Notes

At the start of Sunday’s Superbike Race 2, Josh Herrin looked to have an incredible conclusion to a full weekend of MotoAmerica and World Superbike racing as he put his Attack Performance/Herrin Compound/Yamaha R1 into the lead right away. Herrin held the top spot over Beaubier for the first 15 laps and he continued to fight from the second-place position late in the race. However, with three laps to go, Herrin experienced a race-ending crash that took away his chances of earning a double-podium at Laguna Seca.

Rickdiculous Racing’s Hayden Gillim continued his Supersport podium-streak on Sunday with another third-place finish on his Yamaha R6, while Quicksilver/Lexin/Hudson Motorcycles R6-mounted Richie Escalante rounded out the top-four.

When the MotoAmerica Junior Cup class lined up for their only race of the weekend on Sunday morning, the Graves/Yamaha R3 Support Program riders were ready to do battle. With Chuck Graves on site to help guide the riders and teams, and Yamaha bLU cRU Rider Coach Josh Hayes providing riding tips, the stage was set for some great racing. Unfortunately, a number of crashes prevented several of the top contenders from reaching the podium.

“It was a tough day,” commented Chuck Graves. “MotoAmerica has taken small steps with the technical rules to keep a bit more parity with one model in the class that has a power advantage, but there’s still a lot of work to do. The differences in power and top speed for larger displacement bikes means they are much faster on the straights and riders on other models need to carry more corner speed to catch up,” continued Graves. “But overall, we’re very proud of all of Graves/Yamaha R3 riders and how much they’re using what they’re learning to go faster.”


Beaubier Lands Third-Straight 2018 MotoAmerica Superbike Victory at Laguna SecaYamaha bLU cRU Riders Rule Saturday’s MotoAmerica Racing Action

Monterey, Calif. June 23, 2018Monster Energy/Yamalube/Yamaha Factory Racing’s Cameron Beaubier continued his MotoAmerica Superbike winning streak by clinching Race 1 on Saturday during Round 5 of the MotoAmerica AMA/FIM North American Road Racing Championship in Monterey, California. Along with MotoAmerica Superbike and Twins Cup racing, Race 1 of the FIM World Superbike Championship took place, making for an eventful start to the weekend at the historic and legendary Laguna Seca Raceway.

Monster Energy/Yamalube/Yamaha Factory Racing Superbike Team

When the green flag waved to start MotoAmerica Superbike Race 1, Cameron Beaubier found himself shuffled from the front row of the starting grid to fourth-place, setting the stage for a tough run to the front of the pack. Beaubier quickly demonstrated his skills as a two-time Superbike Champion, remaining poised and focused while charging through the field and into second place by the end of lap two. After carefully studying the lines of race leader and fellow Yamaha bLU cRU rider Josh Herrin, Beaubier made his move on lap nine with an inside pass going through Turn 11 to take over the lead. From there, Beaubier rode flawlessly aboard his R1 to separate himself from the pack and earn his third-straight Superbike victory, extending his championship lead by 24 points.

Meanwhile, Garrett Gerloff battled both his fellow competitors and health issues thanks to a head cold. Despite the challenges, Gerloff was determined to make his first race at Laguna Seca on his R1 in the Superbike class a success. Digging deep, he summoned his skillset as a two-time Supersport Champion to move from eighth place at the end of lap one all the way to fourth place on lap thirteen. Gerloff held on to the position until crossing the finish line, gaining valuable championship points and experience from the race.

Cameron Beaubier - #6 YZF-R1

“I’m very happy with how today went and just the start of the weekend altogether. Friday, in both practices, we were able to lead the session and we’ve got the bike set-up good around the Dunlop tires. It felt really good today. At the beginning, I was pretty frustrated because I got a terrible start but we were able to get through the pack somewhat quick. I was able to track [Josh] Herrin down and I followed him around for a little bit. I tried to pass him once and didn’t make it stick, but I was able to get by and just put my head down. I kind of smoothed it out a little bit and we were able to click off some decent times and pull away. All-in-all, the day was good and we were able to increase our points, too.”

Garrett Gerloff - #31 YZF-R1

“I thought I got a good launch in the beginning of the race, but at first, I only saw Cameron [Beaubier] and Josh Herrin in front of me. Then, right as I got across the finish line, I saw three guys out of nowhere and they pinched me off a little bit, so it was a good start until it wasn’t. It was just a battle the whole time – I was fighting myself, fighting the heat and fighting other guys around me. I was doing everything I could to catch Roger [Hayden] in third, that was the only feasible thing that I could have done. It was happening, but with five or six laps to go, I really had trouble putting my marks together and doing consistent laps and he started to get away. It’s a little frustrating to be so close to the podium but I have another shot at it tomorrow."

Tom Halverson - Team Manager

“Cameron is in a really good place right now. He’s really happy with the bike set-up that we have, and it’s his third win in a row, so he’s definitely very comfortable. Garrett continues to learn and experience his first time on most of these tracks with a Superbike, and Laguna, in particular, is a pretty difficult track. If you don’t hit your marks and you’re not smooth, it’s really easy to start going backwards. But he’s figuring it out quickly, like he has at every other track, and I think he’s having a fantastic rookie year. I’m confident he’ll have some more podiums before the year is over.”

2018 MotoAmerica Superbike Standings – 9 of 20 Series Races Completed

Pos. Rider Points1 Cameron Beaubier – Yamaha 178
Toni Elias – Suzuki 154
3 Josh Herrin – Yamaha 135
4 Mathew Scholtz – Yamaha 116
Garrett Gerloff – Yamaha 87
7 Kyle Wyman – Yamaha 73

Superbike Race 2 will go green on Sunday at 3:15 p.m. PST.

Additional Yamaha bLU cRU Rider Notes

It was a full day of racing for Attack Performance/Herrin Compound/Yamaha’s Josh Herrin, who competed in both FIM World Superbike and MotoAmerica Superbike races. After claiming the MotoAmerica Superbike Superpole, Herrin was quick to lead Race 1 and held strong while being challenged by Cameron Beaubier early on. Tight racing between the two riders ensued, even after Beaubier made his move to take over the race lead on lap nine. Having already ridden plenty of hard laps during FIM World Superbike Race 1, Herrin eventually settled into a steady pace to finish in second place and gain valuable championship points.

It was a solid day for Altus Motorsports/AP MotoArts rider Jason Madama, who qualified in the pole-position on his Yamaha MT-07 before claiming an impressive victory in Saturday’s Twins Cup race. Joined by GERT Racing’s Cody Newman in third place, who was also riding an MT-07, the Yamaha bLU cRU was well-represented on the Twins Cup podium.

JD Beach and the Monster Energy/Yamaha Extended Service/Graves/Yamaha Team will continue their bid for the 2018 MotoAmerica Supersport Championship on Sunday in Monterey. The only Supersport Race of the weekend will go green at 4:10 p.m. PST.

Riders in the Graves/Yamaha YZF-R3 Support Program will also do battle on Sunday for their one-and-only Junior Cup race of the weekend at 11:10 a.m. PST. For complete schedule details, visit:


YamahaPreviews Fan Activities Scheduled

for WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca This Weekend

Yamaha bLU cRU Road Racers Head into MotoAmerica Round 5 With Championship Points Lead in the Superbike and Supersport Classes

Cypress, CAJune 19, 2018Yamaha bLU cRU road racers will join the stars of the FIM Superbike World Championship this weekend, June 22-24, in Monterey, California for Round 5 of 2018 MotoAmerica AMA/FIM North American Road Racing Championship at WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca.

With the MotoAmerica Superbike and Supersport points leads in tow, the Monster Energy/Yamalube/Yamaha Factory Racing and Monster Energy/Yamaha Extended Service/Graves/Yamaha teams look forward to getting underway on the popular 2.238-mile, 11-turn Laguna Seca course, which features the famous “Corkscrew” left/right downhill combination turn.

Yamaha Motor U.S. has a host of fan activities planned throughout the weekend, including two opportunities to meet Yamaha bLU cRU MotoAmerica road racers before they go to battle at WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca. The R World display area will showcase Yamaha’s newest models, and demo rides on Yamaha motorcycles will be available Friday through Sunday.

Monster Energy/Yamalube/Yamaha Factory Racing Superbike Team

Cameron Beaubier claimed the MotoAmerica Superbike Championship points lead on his R1 in a momentous 1-1 sweep during the last round at Road America, and the two-time champion couldn’t be happier to carry that momentum into his home state of California this weekend. His teammate, 2017 MotoAmerica Supersport Champion Garrett Gerloff, continues to gain experience on his R1 as a Superbike rookie, and the Texas native sits just outside the top-five overall with three podium finishes in the class so far this season.

Cameron Beaubier - #6 YZF-R1

“I never would have thought going into Road America that we would be leaving with the points lead. I’m going to keep that in the back of my mind and try to keep this ball rolling. I'm excited to start the west coast swing in a good spot. My family and friends are coming out to support, so it definitely makes for one of my favorite weekends of the year.”

Garrett Gerloff - #31 YZF-R1

“Laguna is always a track that I look forward to racing. It's such a historic place and it's so cool to be able to measure up with the WSBK guys. I had a great weekend there last year and I'm looking forward to another great weekend. Bring on that Cali sun!”

2018 MotoAmerica Superbike Standings – 8 of 20 Series Races Completed

Pos. Rider Points

1 Cameron Beaubier – Yamaha 153

2 Toni Elias – Suzuki 151

3 Josh Herrin – Yamaha 115

4 Mathew Scholtz – Yamaha 105

5 Jake Lewis – Suzuki 77

6 Garrett Gerloff – Yamaha 74

7 Kyle Wyman – Yamaha 66

Superbike Superpole (Qualifying) takes place on Saturday at Noon PDT, Superbike Race 1 will go green on Saturday at 3:15 p.m. PDT, and Superbike Race 2 is on Sunday at 3:15 p.m. PDT.

Monster Energy/Yamaha Extended Service/Graves/Yamaha Supersport Team

JD Beach maintains a sizeable 43-point lead in the Supersport Championship as he continues to fight for race victories aboard his R6. With four wins through the first six races, Beach looks to take his Monster Energy/Yamaha Extended Service/Graves/Yamaha Supersport Team to the top of the podium.

JD Beach - #95 YZF-R6

“After the weekend in Road America, the crew and I had some work to do. But going into Laguna, I feel we are ready. Laguna is an amazing track and a lot of fun. It has so much history and I can't wait to start this west coast swing of the series.”

2018 MotoAmerica Supersport Standings - 6 of 18 Series Races Completed

Pos. Rider Points

1 JD Beach – Yamaha 140

2 Hayden Gillim – Yamaha 97

3 Cory West – Suzuki 79

4 Braeden Ortt – Yamaha 60

Supersport Qualifying takes place on Friday at 2:40 p.m. PDT and the only Supersport race of the weekend will take place on Sunday at 4:10 p.m. PDT.

Watch Your Favorite Superbike Racers Ride Across the Iconic Golden Gate Bridge

Join Cameron Beaubier, Garrett Gerloff and a host of top MotoAmerica Superbike and World Superbike racers this Wednesday, June 20, at Cioppino's Restaurant on 400 Jefferson Street after they complete a ride across the iconic Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. The riders will depart from Vista Point at 11:30 a.m. with California Highway Patrol escorts, cross the bridge and continue along Fisherman's Wharf to arrive at Cioppino's around Noon. Riders will be available to sign autographs and pose for photos. Those attending the event are encouraged to use the hashtag #SBKonGGB for social media posts.

Meet the Yamaha bLU cRU Road Racers

All your favorite Yamaha U.S. bLU cRU road racers will be available for autographs at their Team Transporters on Saturday for the Dunlop Paddock Autograph Session from 12:45 to 1:20 p.m. and again on Sunday from Noon to 1 p.m.

See the New Yamaha YZF-R1, R6, R3 and More on Display Throughout the Weekend

Yamaha’s remarkable R-series Supersport Motorcycles will be showcased in Yamaha’s R World Display Area at Laguna Seca. The YZF-R1M, YZF-R1, YZF-R1S, YZF-R6, YZF-R3 and a replica of Valentino Rossi’s MotoGP YZR-M1 will be on display, along with motocross and off-road models including the YZ65, YZ450F, YZ250FX and YZ450FX.

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