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Video Ben Bostrom on the Graves Motorsports R1 – Zyvax Endurance WERA

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

Ben Bostrom riding the Graves Motorsports Yamaha R1 for Team Zyvax at the WERA Little Tally race. April 10, 2010 (Practice).

AMA Superbike rider Chris Clark on the Graves Motorsports Yamaha R1 – Team Zyvax Endurance Bike

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

Chris Clark riding the Graves Motorsports Yamaha R1 for Team Zyvax at the WERA Little Tally race. April 10, 2010 (Practice).

Team Zyvax Reflects on Their Championship Winning Weekend

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010
Graves Motorsports WERA GNF Road Atlanta

Team Zyvax Graves 2010 WERA GNF

Kennesaw, Georgia, (October 13, 2010) – The Road Atlanta WERA GNF Finals held October 7-10 finalized Team Zyvax Racings’ dreams of winning two class championships along with the overall endurance crown. Considering the high level of competition, winning at GNF was not an easy task. That didn’t stop the entire team of riders, crew and support staff from going into the event with high expectations for their team. When the day’s racing was said and done, Team Zyvax / Graves Motorsports’ Yamaha R1 won the Endurance Class Overall Championship and the Heavy Weight Championship. Coming in a close second place was the Team Zyvax / Graves Motorsports Yamaha R6, taking the win in the Medium Weight Endurance class and second place Overall.

Despite an off track excursion resulting in an unplanned pit stop, the team’s R6 came in first place in class and third overall in the race. The Graves Motorsports built R6 ran such an impressive season that it came down to the final race to decide the overall championship against the larger capacity R1. The R6’s sharp edge handling along with perfectly choreographed pit stops allowed it to stay within one lap of the second place liter bike despite the tire setback. “Like true professionals we performed exceptionally,” commented team owner JB Layman, “I think the R6 would have been in second place overall if not for that bent wheel.” Team Zyvax riders Clinton Seller and guest rider Tommy Aquino each put in incredible rides and overcame the entire field save their Zyvax teammates on the R1 and an outside 1000c effort. Aquino reveled in the endurance opportunity and again proved his talent during the race. “I had a great time on the Zyvax endurance bike,” said Aquino, “The 1000s were too quick to stay with at Road Atlanta but I did my best to keep us in the hunt. I’d like to thank JB Layman and Chuck Graves for the opportunity!”

Despite the Yamaha R6’s speed and agility, Road Atlanta’s straights and fast, flowing corners allowed the Yamaha R1 to really stretch its powerful legs. Friday’s four hour endurance race saw the Team Zyvax / Graves Motorsports Yamaha R1 being piloted by a trio of proven riders. Jason Disalvo started the race and set the stage for the day, positioning the Zyvax heavyweight machine to lead from start to finish. Team rider Chris Clark along with guest rider Josh Herrin from Team Graves Yamaha put in notable rides on the R1 to seal the deal the overall and class win for the day and the year. Though Herrin lacked R1 seat time unlike Disalvo and Clark, he quickly acclimated himself to the big bike and got to work putting in fast laps. “I had fun and was really comfortable after seat time,” said Herrin of the opportunity, “I’d like to thank JB Layman and the entire Zyvax team, Chuck Graves and Keith McCarty.”

Chuck Graves couldn’t have been more pleased with the results. “I’m extremely happy for Team Zyvax and all the crew and riders that worked so hard all year in the pursuit of delivering the Middleweight, Heavyweight and the Overall championships aboard the Graves Motorsports supported Yamaha R1 and R6; this is a great accomplishment,” said Graves, “I’d like to thank all the WERA officials and competitors that participated in the series and made the championships possible.”

All Roads Lead to Road Atlanta for Team Zyvax

Monday, October 4th, 2010
Graves Motorsports WERA Racing

Graves Motorsports Zyvax Racing

Kennesaw, Georgia, (October 4, 2010) – As Team Zyvax looks forward to two locked-in championships in the WERA National Endurance Series and hopes of nailing the Overall championship at WERA’s Grand National Finals at Road Atlanta, they take a minute to look back at their winning season. “This has been a season of growth and learning for us,” said Zyvax team owner JB Layman, “It has been the realization of a dream that started in 2008.” Layman had quite a job on his hands, learning to manage and coordinate twenty people instead of just eight. Layman also quickly learned how to campaign two team bikes, instead of just one. One of the team’s greatest successes throughout the season was the evolution of their pit stops.

“The pit stop is actually a choreographed dance; a ballet of operations that take place in a designated sequence,” said Layman, “It’s optimally designed to ensure that every second the bike is in the pits at least four mechanical operations are taking place simultaneously.” Once the team got the foundation in place they went to work fine-tuning each person’s position and movements to ensure each operation could be completed in the shortest possible amount of time. If time was used to move or change a tool then that’s more time the bike had to stay in the pits. “We had to make sure each crew member was doing the operations that they were most efficient at. The entire synchronized process is incredibly intricate,” continued Layman, “Creating the most efficient system has been an on-going process as the season progressed – It’s one of the things I’m most impressed with,” said the proud team owner.

Pulling together a group of crew members to function as one unit has also been a growing process for the team. Races can be won or lost in the pits and Team Zyvax hasn’t lost many races. “The people that make up Team Zyvax are professionals,” said Layman of his team, “They are very good at working on motorcycles and the needs that road racing requires of them.” It wasn’t an easy climb to the top but the team did it together. “Our biggest challenge came from running a two bike team that competes against each other,” said Dustin Meador, the team’s head R1 mechanic, “I’ve won championships with Dane (Westby) in the past as a rider in WERA endurance and I’ve really enjoyed working with this team.” “Basically it’s the people behind the scenes that make a championship happen,” said team manager Jerry Daggett, “Championships are hard to come by and they don’t come by themselves.”

Layman and his entire crew have high expectations going into WERA’s final race of the 2010 season. “As we sit here coming up on the last race of the year we find ourselves in a better position than last year,” reflects Layman, “We have not only locked up two class championships before the final race, but we also control the top two overall positions. My dream has come true and Team Zyvax will have the #1 plate for the 2011 season.” Hopes are also high for the future of Team Zyvax. “This season sets the baseline for achievement as we go into the future. I would like one day to compete in the World Endurance,” said a determined Layman, “To put Team Zyvax on the world stage would be the ultimate test of our capability.”

Such big hopes fit well into a big racing weekend! WERA’s GNF at Road Atlanta in Braselton, GA takes place October 7th – 10th and promises to be full of entertainment and fan activities. Come out and watch Team Zyvax in action, get a free t-shirt from the Team Zyvax girls and stop by the Project 1 Atlanta (AMA Pro Roadracing team) truck. While you’re at it stop by Yamaha’s NESBA demo display and take a ride on one of Yamaha’s demo motorcycles! Graves Motorsports will be on hand giving out discount flyers and signing up racers for Graves’ exclusive WORKS programs. In addition to racing the weekend boasts $5 two-lap rides (proceeds to benefit the Red Flag Fund for Injured Riders), Josh Borne’s stunt show, a fan zone behind the Pro Paddock and daily autograph sessions. It’s going to be a fantastic event! For more info go to:

Event Flyer (includes discount entry coupon):


Team Zyvax is sponsored by Zyvax, Inc, Graves Motorsports and Dunlop.

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Zyvax Locks Up Two WERA Endurance Championships, Overall Win Will Be Decided at Final Round

Monday, September 13th, 2010
WERA Barber Endurance Racing

Team Zyvax Racing

Kennesaw, Georgia, (September 12, 2010) – At Alabama’s Barber Motorsports Park Team Zyvax’s R1 and R6 efforts gained enough of a lead over the rest of the WERA endurance field that they are guaranteed two championships. At the final round in Atlanta the Overall will come down to one of the two Zyvax bikes.
Heading into the Barber round the two Zyvax bikes were on a level playing field. Barber’s shorter straights and technical turns made the smaller, more agile bike able to keep up with the stronger, bigger machine. Both bikes were flawless going into the race and both got out in front quickly. But fifteen laps in the seat came loose on Dane Westby and Clinton Seller’s Team Zyvax / Graves supported Yamaha R6 and they had to come in for an unscheduled pit stop. Despite the setback, Westby and Seller battled hard and came out with the class win.

Seller was relieved and happy after the win. “The traffic made this race very challenging. At the same time, it made the race very exciting! It was a lot of fun finding different ways to pass other riders. It was unfortunate that the seat came lose because we would have had a better chance to win the overall,” said Seller of the race.

In addition to the loose seat Seller, Westby and the rest of the endurance riders had to suffer through thick southern heat. “It was hot!” said Westby of the four hour race, “The stints seemed to roll together but I am glad to have this win and this championship. We fought our battles hard and won the war. The bike was flawless, save for the seat issue, which unfortunately cost us some time. The clouds moved into the area just as we finished, cooling us off, and giving a fitting end to a hot war.”

Chris Clark and guest rider Jason Disalvo, their crew and their Team Zyvax / Graves prepped Yamaha R1 were the stars of the Barber endurance round. Consistent fast laps and hard work paid off for Clark and Disalvo. Both riders had no easy task harnessing the big bike’s power on a track better suited for the smaller bike.

“This track is very technical which makes it very demanding on a 1000cc. It is hard to keep the fast lap times for the whole hour,” said Disalvo of the bike. “This is the most rewarding win with Team Zyvax because of how hard the race was.”

“This was the toughest race yet,” commented Clark, “The track had good slip for as hot as it was. This track is hard to ride on a 1000. Thanks to Chuck Graves and team owner JB Layman for the opportunity, and I’m really looking forward to the GNF.”

Event Photos can be found in the Graves Motorsports Galleries:

The Battle in the Virginias Continues as Team Zyvax Heads into VIR’s WERA Cycle Jam Weekend

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

Zyvax Graves VIR Racing

Kennesaw, Georgia, (August 4, 2010) – Team Zyvax is looking forward to the WERA Cycle Jam 4 Hour endurance race at VIR, near Danville, VA this weekend. The entire team is excited to endure the racing against each other and the competition! With the drama of a shortened race and a leveled playing field, it’s anyone’s game!

The flowing VIR track plays to the strengths of both Team Zyvax race machines. Chris Clark and returning guest rider Jason Disalvo’s Team Zyvax / Graves Motorsports prepped Yamaha R1 can really stretch it’s powerful legs on VIR’s long front straight but Clinton Seller and Dane Westby’s Team Zyvax / Graves Motorsports supported Yamaha R6 will be lightning quick through the track’s technical sections. The win will come down to whichever team has the fastest, most consistent laps and the fastest, most precise pit stops.

The Cycle Jam weekend’s packed racing schedule leaves less time for the endurance riders to battle, putting more pressure on the Team Zyvax riders to achieve and maintain the lead. Fewer race hours also means less time to fix any issues that may arise during the race. Team Zyvax owner JB Layman expects top results from his riders and crew but he knows it’s going to be a dog fight ’til the end. “With the variations in this track and past rider results, there are no bets on which bike will take the victory,” stated Layman, “We’re expecting to see some new, talented teams this round which will make things all the more interesting.”

Team Zyvax would like to thank Jason Disalvo for stepping in to ride for Ben Bostrom at the WERA Cycle Jam weekend. The team looks forward to Ben’s return once he recovers from a thumb injury.