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New Lower Price and Free Shipping on Turn Signals

Tuesday, March 25th, 2014

Graves Motorsports Yamaha Turn Signals are now back in stock at a lower price and include free ground or UPS 3 day shipping. Just place the item in your shopping cart and proceed to checkout.

Black Friday is HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 27th, 2013
graves motorsports black friday

graves motorsports black friday


Black Friday Specials have arrived. Good through 12-3-13 ! DO NOT MISS OUT OF THESE SPECIALS!


Introducing the Graves Motorsports BMW S1000rr Slip-on Exhaust System

Thursday, November 21st, 2013
Graves Motorsports BMW S1000rr Slip-on Exhaust System

Graves Motorsports BMW S1000rr Slip-on Exhaust System


Graves Motorsports Cat Back Slip-on Titanium Exhaust System for the 2010-2014 BMW S1000rr. This “Strapless” style can (mounts direct to the bike with no strap around the can) and is constructed completely of titanium with a carbon fiber end cap. This system does not require the removal of any standard emissions equipment.  Sound File:


  • Diamond Shaped Ti Can Design to compliment the BMW’s sleek look
  • Cans mounts directly to the stock piping without the use of straps, saving weight and streamlining looks.
  • Constructed from Aerospace grade Titanium alloys
  • Advanced welding process showcases laser perfection welds
  • Stock BMW slip on 2.98 LBS
  • Graves Ti slip on 1.97 LBS (saves 1 pound)
  • Stock sound 82 at idle and 96 at 5000
  • Graves sound 84 at idle and 98 at 5000

Fitment: BMW S1000rr 2010-2014



Graves Motorsports Motorcycle Tire Warmer Details and $100 OFF Limited Time Special

Thursday, October 24th, 2013
Graves Motorsports Tire Warmer Sale

Graves Motorsports Tire Warmer Sale

Limted Time $100 discount special –

Graves Motorsports Motorcycle Tire Warmers. These are the newest spec tire warmers from Graves Motorsports. Fresh off 4 straight Superbike Championships with Josh Hayes and Josh Herrin on the Graves Yamaha R1! Graves Motorsports introduces there new spec of tire warmers available to our customers. Graves Yamaha has a serious pedigree in racing on the pavement and everyone knows you need hot tires before entering the race track at speed.

Rear tire fitment : 180 – 195 Front Tire fitment : Fitment 120. Pricing includes both front and rear tire warmers. This item includes a nylon carry bag.

Note: Our warmers are SPEC for 120 volts power sources at those setting the warmers will heat to 80c within 30 minutes. Generator requirements are 1050 watts (set requires 1200 continuous) – at those settings 80c will be reached in approximately 45 minutes.

Chuck Graves team owner and former Champion himself has this to say about the Graves warmers.

“We developed these warmers with effectiveness in mind. When the tire is hot before subjecting the rubber to the heavy loads created by the G forces of lean angle, power output and extreme braking we get longer lasting performance out of our race tires. Heating the rubber all the way through to the rim over the desired time frame at the correct temperature is essential to the consistency of feel that the rider has over a greater number of laps allowing our team to get better feedback from the rider to fine tune all the other areas of our race bikes. No team or track day rider should be without these. You only get so many laps a day and we want to make the best use of every lap” – Chuck Graves Team Owner; Team Graves Yamaha

2004 AMA Superstock #1, 2006 AMA Superstock #1, 2006 AMA Supersport #1, 2006 AMA Supermoto Lights #1, 2007 AMA Supermoto Lights #1, 2008 AMA Supermoto Lights #1, 2009 AMA Supermoto #1, 2009 AMA Supersport #1, 2010-2013 AMA Superbike #1 and 2013 AMA Daytona Sportbike #1

  • Featuring all new Neoprene Side Panels and Graves Motorsports Gas Station Logo!
  • Hot tire pressure is more important than ever. These neoprene sides additionally insulate the tire and wheel, and help block wind blowing across your rims. The elastic stretch also provides a smooth fit!
  • The most durable warmers in the paddock are easiest/fastest to take on and off and have raised the bar once again.
  • Fast and effective heat up, even on cold days- Temperature set at 80c
  • Melt-Proof inner liner (with heat sensitive dye to show mis-use or mal-function)
  • Operating Light- RED shows when heating and GREEN when full temp is reached
  • Dupont Nomex/Kevlar Insulation to keep the heat in and set Hot Pressures- Heat the entire carcass deep down
  • Built Tough – Codura Exterior & high impact temperature controllers, full coverage Heating Elements
  • QUALITY & PRICE – designed & built in the USA, these warmers are 2nd to none and is one of the most economically priced!

Benefits of Tire Warmers

  • Most racers and track day riders want tire warmers to avoid cold tire crashes and to go fast right from the green flag.
  • It is true that these are two clear advantages of using Tire Warmers, but there are other benefits that are equally important. A Tire Warmer provides the ability to tune and manage tires in the paddock beyond the grip offered on the opening laps:
  • Go Fast from the Green Flag
  • Set Hot Tire Pressures in the Pits
  • Avoid “cold tearing” tires
  • Save “Heat Cycles” by keeping tire warm in between sessions
  • Tires last longer
  • Hot rubber grips the track surface better since not only does the coefficient of friction increase, but the Tire’s ability to form the track surface through “mechanical keying” is increased

Set Hot Pressures

  • Tires will increase in pressure about 20% on the track (ie: 30 to 36 psi) which makes a huge handling difference. Graves’Tire Warmers will get your tires surface AND carcass into the proper temperature range (same as you’ll see on the track). Without Tire Warmers 6-8 laps would be needed to get a tire to its proper “hot pressure”.
  • Many of the current race compound tires are “low pressure” tires with psi recommendation of around 22-24 psi. These tires are more sensitive to being at hot pressure before they work properly.
  • Set the Tire Warmers to the temperature you anticipate seeing on the track, allow them to “heat-soak” for an hour and set the Hot Pressure. When you hit the track, there will be minimal change. Getting your Hot Tire Pressure set on the Tire Warmers gets you going right away

Avoid “Cold Tearing” tires

  • Taking a 70 degree tire and pushing it hard on the track will increase the very outer surface of the rubber in a couple of laps. However the rubber 2-3 mm down is not yet warm and not as elastic. This causes the outer rubber to grip the track surface and underlying rubber to rip or tear. This shredded look or graining once developed in the tire almost never goes away and basically ruins the tire. By pre-heating the rubber, cold tearing is simply avoided.

Save Heat Cycles

  • When tires are heated & then cooled, a change occurs that can be seen, measured and felt. On some tires you can actually see a blue haze form over the tire as some “oils” migrate to the surface and oxidation occurs. On other tires one might observe much drier grayish haze depending on individual tire composition. Putting the tire though these hot to cold cycles reduces the tires grip, hardens the rubber and reduces its useful life. A tire warmer can keep tires hot or simply warm (for longer periods of time) between track sessions and reduce the amount of heat cycles a tire goes through. If the tire is to see more than one track session it makes sense not to allow that tire to cool all the way to ambient; this can extend how many sessions the tire can perform at near maximum grip. By operating in this manner the tire’s grip life is increased.

Tires last longer

  • Taking tires from ambient temperature and bringing them to race temperature on the track may take from 3-6 minutes depending on the machine, track and rider. Aside from giving up speed during these opening laps, it is truly too fast to heat the tire in an ideal manner. For example on a 75 degree day, the rider gets the tire surface hot in 4 laps, which takes 6 minutes. This increase of 100 degrees in such a short amount of time actually “heat shocks” the tire. Race compound tires have several “activator” chemicals in them and get set into motion with heat. Getting the tire hot quickly actually spends or wastes some of the chemicals and tires will lose grip sooner than if warmed slowly on a warmer.

Graves Motorsports Rearsets PRICE REDUCTION

Thursday, October 10th, 2013
Graves Motorsports Rearsets Price Reduction

Graves Motorsports Rearsets Price Reduction

Stop the PRESSES! Standard model R1, F6, FZ1 and FZ8 rearsets are now $599.95. Get them while they are HOT! Find out why the PROS use and win on Graves rearsets…


Graves Motorsports Labor Day Full Exhaust – Power Commander Special

Sunday, September 1st, 2013
Graves Motorsports Labor Day Special

Graves Motorsports Labor Day Special

September 1, 2013 – Retail customer who purchase any full system exhaust at retail price from will receive a FREE DynoJet Power Commander with the purchase. No action required all purchases between September 1 – September 3, 2013 will have the $389.99 PC automatically added to there purchase at the time of shipping. Note shipping times may vary depending on stock of exhaust and PC’s, all orders will be filled as quickly as possible. No other discounts apply and thanks for your business.

Graves Motorsports Exhaust Re-Pack Kits + HOW TO

Wednesday, July 17th, 2013
Graves Motorsports Exhaust Re-Pack Kits

Graves Motorsports Exhaust Re-Pack Kits


Over time the internal packing materials of an exhaust can deteriorate. When this happens the integrity / performance of the exhaust canister will become compromised and cause damage to the canister. To prevent this from happening and to have the ability to rebuild your Graves exhaust cans we now offer this convenient re-pack kit.

To purchase this product click here:

NOTE: The complete installation GUIDE with instruction can be found here:

Graves Motorsports Shark Chain Guard Price Reduction

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013
Graves Motorsports Shark Chain Guard

Graves Motorsports Shark Chain Guard


Graves Motorsports announces a HUGE price drop in our popular “Shark” Chain Guards for the Yamaha R6 06-13 models. New pircing is now $90.00 a $40 saving compared to the old pricing!

Graves Motorsports Yamaha R6 WORKS Carbon Swingarm Shark Guard Protector fit the 06-13 model R6. Graves Motorsports Shark Guards mount on the swingarm at the chain side in front of the rear sprocket. The Shark Guard is designed to help prevent injury to hands, fingers, feet, toes, etc. that can get caught between the chain and rear sprocket in the event of a crash.

Requires drilling and tapping swingarm bottom for installation.

FITMENT: Yamaha R6 2006-2013 (will also fit bike’s with flat bottom swingarms and can be used in custom applications).

Click here for more details

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013
Graves Motorsports Yamaha YEC Works Order Parts

Graves Motorsports Yamaha YEC Works Order Parts

Kennesaw, Ga. May 1, 2013 : Subject: 2013 YZF-R1 / R6 YEC Kit Parts and Graves WORKS Parts Ordering Deadline #3 – This is to advise customers of the Yamaha YZF-R1 / R6 WORKS Parts and ordering information. Please refer to the information and product listing links mentioned below. The second ordering deadline has passed the current email covers products ordered by May 10, 2013 for mid August / 2013 delivery timelines.

YEC Kit Parts: Yamaha Racing parts developed for competing the YZF-R1 and YZF-R6. For the 2012-2013 R1 a complete new ECU set and wire harness are available to allow full benefit of the new model’s traction control function. The front wheel assembly is modified to allow the traction control rotor sensor to be installed and a new repair set is also added to the range.

Graves Parts: Graves WORKS Parts are designed based on the technical regulations of the AMA Pro Road Racing Championship series. Please check guidelines for the specific series you are entering before ordering Graves WORKS Parts.

Parts Listing Consists of:

1. Graves WORKS R6 Parts Listings
2. Graves WORKS R1 Parts Listings
3. Yamaha YEC R6 Kit Parts Listings
4. Yamaha YEC R1 Kit Parts Listings
Listed below are the three Ordering Round deadlines for the 2013 season.

1. November 27, 2012: Delivery early March 2013 (Deadline Passed)
2. January 10, 2013: Delivery late April 2013 (Deadline Passed)
3. May 10, 2013: Delivery mid-August 2013
Ordering Requirements:

All parts will be listed at
All orders received prior to the ordering deadlines will be accepted. However, we cannot guarantee additional orders after the ordering deadline has passed.
Items appearing on the approved AMA Pro Road Racing Eligible Equipment list will generally ship upon order confirmation during the AMA racing season: March – October.
In the event that the items appearing on the approved AMA Pro Road Racing Eligible Equipment list are ordered during the current AMA racing season (and not in stock at that time). Order confirmation will be given and those items will be delivered in no less than 10 and no more than 45 days.
If we are not able to accept some orders due to low availability or high production cost of the parts, we will immediately inform you by e-mail.
No cancellation of orders will be allowed once we have confirmed the orders.
Confirmation of your orders requires payment in full.
Customers and Yamaha dealers who have a current Graves Works account will receive a correspondence similar to this letter approximately 1 month prior to each deadline.
Customers and Yamaha Dealers who do not have a current Works account can sign up at
Orders for parts prior to the 2013 model year: Orders for YEC parts or Graves Works Parts prior to 2013 model year that are not listed on the WORKS website ordering page, must be requested by e-mail.
Website: Customers and Yamaha dealers can refer to the WORKS specific section of our website located at . This page contains part numbers, descriptions and “2013 Kit Manuals” (in several languages). Use this listing as a guide for ordering and submitting parts order through our convenient submit form. This landing page will be your “go to” resource to review works parts listings. If at any time you cannot access the site’s secure areas(and you have an account), please call us direct to obtain access.

Important Notice: Graves Motorsports WORKS and YEC Racing Parts are not street legal and are sold for use exclusively on closed-circuits. For further information on specifications, availability and becoming a WORKS qualified customer refer to our WORKS Racing parts website at .

Ordering: Submit your order using the form located at . You will be contacted within 2 business days confirming the order. Parts that are in stock will be put on one order, you will be called to confirm the purchase and that order will ship right away as it’s processed. The parts out of stock will be confirmed and paid for at that time with delivery during the time frames outlined.

Contact: Inquiry for ordering, parts in stock should go through or toll free at 800-867-6480.Technical support and advice technical issues can be directed through our tech support forum at

Note: Order forms must be emailed to the email address above. You will receive a response and confirmation within 2 business days. You must also sign and email our purchase agreement . We will contact you to secure a payment in full deposit within this time. If you have any questions please contact us at; 800-867-8480.

Graves Motorsports Yamaha R6 High Precision Cam Chain Tensioner

Thursday, February 28th, 2013
Graves Yamaha R6 Cam Chain Tensioner

Graves Yamaha R6 Cam Chain Tensioner


NEW PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Graves Motorsports Yamaha R6 High Precision Cam Chain Tensioner for 2006-2013 model motorcycles. Professionally developed under strict guidelines for use in the Graves Yamaha factory race bikes. This part is built from aerospace materials and features micro adjust-ability points for specific accuracy in setup. Another must have performance product for your race machine from Graves Motorsports.